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Precast and prefab manufacturers face significant cost overruns as a result of waste, unpredicted delays, and human error.

Urban3D is a software solution that enables precast manufacturers to reduce costs by improving inventory management and tracking concrete throughout the project lifecycle.


Inventory Tracking

Track concrete artifacts throughout the manufacturing process

Quality Assurance Trough Materials Traceability

Know exactly what materials went into each artifact

Labor Management Tool

See real-time production output

Data Analytics

Analyze production data to optimize factory output


Lower Costs

Lower costs via reduction in labor, waste, and disputes

Transparency and Accuracy

Increased transparency & accuracy for your clients provides you with an edge over your competitors

Quicker Execution

Faster execution through clear end-to-end communication

Strong Competitive Edge

Reduce inefficiencies and improve offerings


We are backed by several organizations all over the world that believe in our vision

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Urban3D Team

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals working to provide our clients with superior solutions.

Anielle Guedes

Founder, CEO

Jacob Dowd

VP Engineering

David Lin

Web Developer

New York, USA

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