• Future of construction

    We are creating a new method of production to fabricate infrastructure and housing that allows not only to build liveable, productive and sustainable urban areas but also to build them faster, affordably and more beautifully executed than with the processes we currently have.

    Our mission is to partner with governments and developers to eradicate houselessness within the next 15 years. Also, we intend to foster sustainable urban development by integrating long term urban planning and its communities.


    We envision to create this process that will enable for building at one tenth of the cost, ten times faster, using sustainable materials and without producing any waste. 

  • The technology behind it

    High tech materials

    We aim to create a new process of building and develop new materials. Our goal is to 3D print natural materials, as our main building material, that does not take without using metal reinforcement or cement. 

    Our first product is a new concrete breed, made of recycled composites, that keeps its structural properties and is already 30%* cheaper.

    *It may vary due to transportation, logistics and other operational costs.

    3D printing and robotics

    The current construction processes are slow and susceptible to failure. That is why we are bringing this industry to the XXI century by digitising and automating construction.


    Digital manufacturing is the central technology and because of that 3D printing plays an essential role in the technology upgrade we are bringing to the construction sector. It will allow for the industry to be more productive, faster, cheaper, cleaner and ultimately more affordable.

    Management software and tracking system

    One of the most important assets of digital manufacturing and of our work is the ability of collecting data and analyzing it for productivity and further improvements. You can only improve what you can measure, so, that is where the Internet of Concrete takes place. 


    Who is the team making Urban3D happen

    Anielle Guedes - Founder and visionary CEO 


    Ricardo Napoli - Robotics and 3D printing Director



    Victor Angel - Biotechnology and materials Director


  • Advisory board

    World-class professionals who closely support our work and vision

    Marc Weiss, PhD. ///

    Chairman of Global Urban Development, former Professor at Columbia University and has worked for the

    Sustainable Development President's Council in the Clinton Administration. Urban policy senior Advisor.

    (US and international)

    Sabrina Bittencourt ///

    Global Innovator. International growth Advisor & Innovation. (Mexico and Europe/Barcelona)

    Banning Garrett. PhD. ///

    Specialist with 35 years of experience in foreign relationships, policy making and strategy.

    Strategic Foresight Senior Fellow for Innovation and Global Trends at the Atlantic Council. Exponential technologies and government interface Senior Advisor (US)

    Cesar Nascimento ///

    Brazilian CPA with over 40 years of business experience accumulated thru companies like PWC; JW Thompson; Microsoft. Business entrepreneur specialized on starting-up enterprises in Brazil (advised/supported BCG; Dometic; ING Bank; SAS & others);

  • Fellowships, awards and memberships

    We are backed by several organizations all over the world that believe in our vision and mission

    Gifted Citizen fellowship 2014

    Yunus and Youth fellowship 2015

    Global Urban Innovators fellowship 2016

    Impact Hub São Paulo membership 2016

    MIT Innovators Under 35 Award 2015

    Leadership 35 award 2015

    UN Business Schools for Impact fellowship 2015

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